Lab name Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Chih-Hang Wu Lab
Job Position Research Assistant
Responsibilities Our laboratory studies the molecular interactions between plants and microbes, particularly how plants utilize their immune receptors to resist infections from pathogens. NLRs are a type of immune receptor inside plant cells that can recognize effector molecules from pathogens. This study will focus on the evolutionary analysis of plant NLR-type immune receptors and investigate their functions in disease resistance.
Requirements Applicants should hold a MS degree in Biology or related disciplines. Research experiences in molecular biology, evolutionary biology, plant-microbe interactions, or plant pathology are preferred.
2024-05-03 ~ 2024-07-15
Lab name 中研院植微所R425室
Job Position research assistant (RA)

吳亭穎實驗室 誠徵碩士級研究助理

The research assistant (RA) in the laboratory of Dr. Ting-Ying Wu at the Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology at Academia Sinica (IPMB, AS) is fully funded. The role will work on the interaction between plants and the environment using systems biology and predictive biology.

RA 負責產生次世代定序資料集,包括批量 RNA 定序、ATAC-seq、DAP-seq、單細胞 RNA 定序和單核 ATAC-seq。

The RA is responsible for generating datasets for next-generation sequencing, including bulk RNA sequencing, ATAC-seq, DAP-seq, single-cell RNA sequencing, and single-nuclei ATAC-seq.

此工作將負責次世代定序的樣本庫以及數據集之製備,包括bulk RNA-seq、ATAC-seq、DAP-seq、single-cell RNA-seq和single-nuclei ATAC-seq。

The research assistant (RA) in the laboratory of Dr. Ting-Ying Wu at the Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology at Academia Sinica (IPMB, AS) is fully funded. The role will work on the interaction between plants and the environment using systems biology and predictive biology.

吳實驗室是 IPMB 的一部分,該實驗室由來自台灣和其他 15 個以上國家的近 300 名研究人員和工作人員組成。 它位於台灣台北的 AS 主校區。 AS 提供最先進的核心設施,包括細胞生物學、顯微鏡、高效能運算和 OMIC 設施,支援我們追求尖端研究。 我們的主要目標是在實驗室成員之間培養高度跨學科和協作的氛圍。 欲了解更多信息,請訪問吳實驗室網站。

The Wu Lab is a part of the IPMB, which comprises nearly 300 researchers and staff members from Taiwan and over 15 other countries. It is located on the main campus of AS in Taipei, Taiwan. AS provides state-of-the-art core facilities, including those for cell biology, microscopy, high-performance computing, and OMICs, which support our pursuit of cutting-edge research. Our primary goal is to cultivate a highly interdisciplinary and collaborative atmosphere among lab members. For more information, please visit the Wu Lab website.

Requirements The ideal candidate is required to have experience in NGS library preparation and molecular techniques such as nuclei isolation, protoplast isolation, or both. The applicants should hold a master’s degree in Biological Sciences or Molecular Biology. Knowledge of Mandarin is not compulsory.
2024-04-17 ~ 2024-07-17
Lab name Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology
Job Position Research Assistant (RA)/Postdoc
Responsibilities The lab of Ka Wai Ma is inviting application for one RA position or one postdoctoral researcher working on plant-microbiota research.
You will be working on one of the following projects:
• investigating the genetic basis of plant microbiota homeostasis using molecular techniques and CRISPR technology
• mechanistic study of how bacterial microbiota members interfere with plant immune response using biochemical means
The position is expected to begin in July 2024 (negotiable)
Requirements Applicants are required to have research experience in microbiology or ecology, and hold a MS degree (RA) or a PhD (postdoc). Applicants with experience of QIIME2, python or R programming are highly preferred. Good command of English and preferably basic knowledge of mandarin.
2024-03-12 ~ 2024-06-21
Lab name 植物暨微生物學研究所 邱澗庚實驗室
Job Position 研究助理及博士後 Research Assistant and Postdoctoral Researcher

Interdisciplinary research on the development of microbial systems. You will be involved in either of the following projects.


Topic 1: To elucidate the spatial temporal dynamics of the polarity proteins within single yeast cells using reaction-diffusion systems. How these polarity proteins distribute determines cell polarity modes and ultimately the growth modes of a single cell.

Topic 2: Bacteria are not exclusively single cell organisms. Rather, they form multicellular communities called biofilms. Biofilms develop using patterned cell differentiation, similar to embryogenesis. This project aims to elucidate how oscillators within individual bacteria couple with each other to form synchronized patterns collectively in a biofilm.


Both of these topics heavily rely on the crosstalk between Dynamic Systems Theory and Molecular Cell Biology. We are looking for people who are well-trained in one of these two fields and willing to work closely with a partner trained in the other field. Depending on your expertise, your responsibilities will be either predominantly Molecular genetics plus Live cell microscopy, or Mathematical analysis and simulations of differential systems.

Requirements 1. 生物科學相關科系學士畢業,或者物理/數學/工程相關背景畢業。
A bachelor degree on either Biological Sciences or Physics/Mathamatics/Bioengineering.
2. 願意學習跨領域的知識與思考模式
Willing to adopt to the knowledge and perspective from a different research discipline.
2023-12-22 ~ 2024-08-30
Lab name 植物暨微生物學研究所 余天心博士實驗室
Job Position 博士後研究員及研究助理2至3 人
Responsibilities 探討植物中或植物與真菌 mRNA 交換的分子機制
Requirements 博士後研究員:生命科學研究所相關領域博士學位,需具備分生或生化或細胞學相關研究經驗。具備蛋白質純化或共軛焦顯微鏡操作經驗優先考慮。
2023-12-07 ~ 2024-06-30