Lab name 中央研究院植物暨微生物學研究所 農科大樓A323室
Job Position 研究助理
Responsibilities 蝴蝶蘭HIPP3蛋白參與蕙蘭嵌紋病毒移動之分子機制
Requirements 國內外生物相關科系,具碩士學位
2022-11-01 ~ 2023-01-31
Lab name Chih-Horng Kuo lab, Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology, Academia Sinica (Taipei, Taiwan)
Job Position Postdoc or Research Assistant Positions

Based on a multi-year collaborative project (with Drs. Erh-Min Lai
and Chih-Hang Wu; funded by an Academia Sinica Grand
Challenge Grant), we are working on Agrobacterium-mediated
transformation with the goal of improving plant genome editing.
Multiple candidate genes in diverse wild-type Agrobacterium
strains have been identified based on genomics analysis and
inoculation experiments, and we are expanding the team to
perform molecular genetics experiments to validate and
investigate the functions of these candidate genes.
Keywords: Agrobacterium-mediated transformation (AMT),
molecular plant-microbe interactions (MPMI)
Lab website: http://ipmb.sinica.edu.tw/chkuo/


1) Strong interest in research and motivation to learn;
relevant research experience is a bonus but not required.
2) English proficiency; lab meeting and experimental notes are
all in English.
3) Academic degree in Life Sciences or related fields.

2022-10-20 ~ 2023-01-31
Lab name 植物暨微生物學研究所【基因體學技術核心】微矩陣及次世代定序實驗室
Job Position 研究助理
Responsibilities 1. 協助維護及操作核心實驗室相關軟硬體及儀器設施。
2. 操作基因體技術研究相關實驗,包括RNA, DNA 的品質檢測分析,次世代定序 library 的製備等實驗操作。
3. 實驗室例行事務管理工作
4. 臨時交代事項
Requirements 1. 具良好溝通協調能力及工作熱忱,樂意學習相關新技術。
2. 大學或碩士畢業。
3. 熟悉分子生物學原理與實驗操作。了解功能基因體學領域與次世代定序概念及其應用。
4. 熟悉一般電腦、科學儀器之軟/硬體操作。
2022-09-14 ~ 2022-12-31
Lab name 中央研究院植物暨微生物學研究所 農科大樓A323室
Job Position 研究助理
Responsibilities 探討參與衛星核酸干擾竹嵌紋病毒複製之因子
Requirements 國內外生物相關科系,具碩士學位
2022-08-01 ~ 2022-12-31
Lab name Chuan Ku lab
Job Position Postdocs/research associates/bioinformaticians
Responsibilities Our research topics focus on the evolutionary, regulatory and ecological genomics of eukaryotic microbes, including:
1. Evolution, life history, morphology and physiology of important microalgae
2. Genome evolution and regulation in giant viruses infecting diverse eukaryotes
3. Interactions of microbial eukaryotes at the single-cell level in marine and other ecosystems
4. Other topics related to evolution and ecology of eukaryotic microbes
Requirements 1. Strong motivation to work in a research environment
2. PhD or master’s degree
3. Research experience in genomics, evolutionary biology, microbiology, cell biology, molecular biology, or bioinformatics (programming, data processing, sequence analysis, etc.)
4. Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
5. English writing and speaking skills
2022-07-04 ~ 2022-12-31
Lab name Dr. Lay-Sun Ma
Job Position Postdoc/Research Assistant Position Available

We are seeking a skilled and highly motivated scientific researcher to join our team to explore the virulence and defense mechanisms in plant-fungus interaction. We integrate transcriptomics, proteomics, cell biology, genetics, and biochemical analyses to identify and investigate the molecular mechanisms of fungal effectors/plant defense molecules in the maize- Ustilago maydis interaction.


Postdoctoral candidates who have recently received a Ph.D. in molecular biology, biochemistry, molecular plant-microbe interactions, or related disciplines are encouraged to apply. Experience with Live-Cell-Imaging microscopy/Proteomics studies would be a plus. The candidates are requested to have a record of peer-reviewed publications that demonstrate the ability to conduct and troubleshot experiments and to accomplish a project independently and solid verbal and written communication skills. The position is initially for one year and renewable for another two years upon satisfactory performance.

Research assistant candidates who have experience in molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics are encouraged to apply. Experience with Live-Cell-Imaging microscopy/protein purification would be a plus.

2022-06-20 ~ 2022-12-31