Lab name Chuan Ku Lab
Job Position Postdoc, research associate or bioinformatician
Responsibilities Research topics:
1. Genomics, life cycle, physiology and evolution of microalgae
2. Giant virus genome evolution and regulation
3. Interactions of microbial eukaryotes at the single-cell level
4. Other topics related to evolution and ecology of eukaryotic microbes
Requirements 1. PhD/master’s degree
2. Research experience in microbiology, cell biology, molecular biology, evolutionary biology, genomics or bioinformatics (programming, data processing, sequence analysis, etc.)
3. Strong motivation to work in a research environment
4. Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
5. English writing and speaking skills
2021-01-06 ~ 2021-03-31
Lab name Paul Verslues lab
Job Position Research Assistant
Responsibilities Research projects related to plant stress signaling. Applicants with experience related to molecular biology (cloning, gene expression analysis), cell biology/microscopy, protein interaction/biochemistry or plant physiology are all encouraged to apply.
Requirements Applicants should have a recent MS or BS degree with research experience.
2020-12-09 ~ 2021-03-31
Lab name Kazue Kanehara LAB
Job Position Research Assistant
Responsibilities Molecular biology, Cell biology, Plant Biology and Administrative tasks (in Chinese)
Requirements Motivated applicants with Master degree
2020-11-25 ~ 2021-01-31