Lab name Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology, Academia Sinica, Ka-Wai Ma’s lab
Job Position Research Assistant/Lab manager

The research team focuses on the interaction between plant and microbiota. You will gain experience and techniques in reconstitution biology, synthetic community manipulation, 16S amplicon sequencing, RNA-seq and general plant/microbial genetics. Candidates with interest in plant pathology, microbiology or plant microbiota bioengineering are highly encouraged to get in contact.

Research responsibilities (60%):

  • Molecular cloning and vector construct design
  • Generation of Arabidopsis transgenic materials and subsequent screening
  • Manage lab strains and seed collections

Administrative responsibilities (40%):

  • Purchasing and general book-keeping.
  • Manage and organize lab equipment
  • Other administrative task

Expected date of start: January 2024 (negotiable)

Requirements Applicants are required to have experience/training in microbiology (preferably with molecular biology and cloning experience). Fluent in Mandarin and basic English.
2023-09-14 ~ 2023-12-31