Lab name 植物暨微生物學研究所 余天心博士實驗室
Job Position 博士後研究員或研究助理 1 人
Responsibilities 探討植物不同器官或植物與真菌 mRNA 交換的分子機制
Requirements 博士後研究員:生命科學研究所相關領域博士學位,需具備分生或生化或細胞學相關研究經驗。具備蛋白質純化操作經驗優先考慮。
2020-10-14 ~ 2020-12-31
Lab name 植物暨微生物學研究所【基因體學技術核心】微矩陣及次世代定序實驗室
Job Position 研究助理
Responsibilities 1. 協助維護及操作核心實驗室相關軟硬體及儀器設施。
2. 操作基因體技術研究相關實驗,包括RNA, DNA 的品質檢測分析,次世代定序 library 的製備,DNA microarray 實驗操作。
3. 實驗室例行事務管理工作
4. 臨時交代事項
Requirements 1. 大學或碩士畢業。
2. 熟悉分子生物學原理與實驗操作。了解功能基因體學領域與次世代定序概念及其應用。
3. 具良好溝通協調能力及工作熱忱,樂意學習相關新技術。
4. 熟悉一般電腦、科學儀器之軟/硬體操作經驗。
2020-09-25 ~ 2020-12-31
Lab name Proteomics Core Lab, Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Job Position Research assistant
Responsibilities This is a research assistant position in the Proteomics Core Lab. The applicant will be expected to : 1) design and execute sample preparation experiments of plant and microbial samples; 2) execute peptide chemical labeling and HPLC peptide fractionation; 3) analyze mass spec data using different search engines and quantitative software; 4) carry out sample submission and routine maintenance of LC-MS systems; 5) work with experts in Plant Biology.
Requirements The applicants should hold a BS or MS degree in Chemistry- or Life Science-related field and have a passion in service. The applicants with experiences in the field of mass spectrometry-based proteomics will be a plus. The applicant should be able to start working no later than January 1st, 2021.
2020-09-16 ~ 2020-12-31
Lab name Lay-Sun Ma
Job Position Research Assistant (Master-degree holder)
  • Exploring the plant defense mechanisms in Ustilago maydis-maize pathosystem.
  • Investigating the biological roles of the fungal effectors in maydis-maize interaction.
Requirements Candidates with research experiences in the following areas: molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics. Experience with Live-Cell-Imaging microscopy would be a plus.
2020-08-07 ~ 2020-10-31