Lab name Chuan Ku lab (Evolution and Ecology of Eukaryotic Microbes)
Job Position Lab manager
Responsibilities Research and lab maintenance
Requirements Master’s or PhD, with relevant research experience
2020-05-14 ~ 2020-07-31
Lab name 中央研究院植物暨微生物學研究所 林納生
Job Position 研究助理
Responsibilities RNA病毒與植物交互作用之研究
Requirements 國內外生物相關科系,具碩士學位
2020-04-16 ~ 2020-07-30
Lab name Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Job Position Tenure-Track Faculty
Responsibilities The Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology (IPMB), Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan (http://ipmb.sinica.edu.tw/), is inviting applications for tenure-track research-oriented faculty positions. IPMB aims to address key questions in the areas of chromosome biology and genomics, plant-environment interactions, plant and environmental microbiology, and cell and developmental biology.
Requirements The candidates are expected to have complementary or synergetic expertise to the current IPMB research capacities or have the potential to launch a new research direction for IPMB. An applicant should hold a Ph.D. degree with postdoctoral training. Preference will be given to applicants at the Assistant Research Fellow level (equivalent to Assistant Professor). Successful candidate will receive generous startup funds and annual intramural support.
2020-04-13 ~ 2020-07-31
Lab name 涂世隆
Job Position 專任研究助理一名
Responsibilities 工作內容 :協助研究計畫 (90 % 實驗,10% 行政),植物基因轉殖及生長培養、蛋白質表現及純化等。
參與計畫 : 植物逆境及mRNA剪接相關分子機制之探討,歡迎當面詳談。
Requirements 對分子生物學有研究熱忱,國內外大專院校生命科學相關科系畢業,有植物培養、分子生物、或蛋白質表現及純化等實驗室經驗者為佳。
2020-02-17 ~ 2020-06-30