Lab name IPMB Teh Ooi Kock Lab
Job Position Research Assistant

The lab is using moss (Physcomitrium patens) as a model to investigate various developmental biology-related questions in plants. The lab routinely employs techniques such as genetic manipulations, protein expression/purification, and confocal microscopy observation. We encourage those interested in plant biology to be part of the team.

Requirements (1)Willingness to learn and strong motivation to excel. Previous experience in molecular biology work is desirable but not a must;
(2)A good command of English;
(3)Possess a life science-related degree in the fields of plant and/or cell biology ;
(4)International applicants are encouraged to apply.
2023-02-14 ~ 2023-07-31
Lab name Paul Verslues Laboratory
Job Position Postdoctoral associate position in drought-related signaling

We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher to join projects studying drought signaling occurring at the cell wall-plasma membrane-trafficking interface as well as function of kinases and phosphatases which regulate drought response.  The successful candidate will have demonstrated expertise at least one of the following areas: proteomics; protein biochemistry and protein interaction; imaging and quantitative image analysis of subcellular localization, vesicle trafficking or cytoskeleton dynamics.  Evidence of past research productivity, recommendations of previous research mentors and general background in molecular biology will also be used to evaluate candidates.  Experience in Arabidopsis research will be beneficial but not required.

The working language of the laboratory is English and international applicants are encouraged to apply.  Laboratory staff are available to assist the successful candidate with establishing themselves in Taipei.  The Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology is well equipped for plant research and has excellent core facilities in proteomics, bioinformatics, microscopy, and sequencing/gene expression analysis.

Requirements Applicants should have a recent PhD degree with research experience.
2023-02-06 ~ 2023-04-05
Lab name Chih-Horng Kuo lab, Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology, Academia Sinica (Taipei, Taiwan)
Job Position Postdoc or Research Assistant Positions
Responsibilities Evolutionary and functional genomics study of plant-associated bacteria, particularly Agrobacterium and phytoplasmas. The research methodology includes genomics and transcriptomics, infection experiments, and molecular genetics. For the main research projects and recent publications, please see our lab website:
Requirements 1) Strong interest in research and motivation to learn;
relevant research experience is a bonus but not required.
2) English proficiency; lab meeting and experimental notes are all in English.
3) Academic degree in Life Sciences or related fields.
2023-02-01 ~ 2023-04-30
Lab name 植物暨微生物學研究所【基因體學技術核心】微矩陣及次世代定序實驗室
Job Position 研究助理
Responsibilities 1. 協助維護及操作核心實驗室相關軟硬體及儀器設施。
2. 操作基因體技術研究相關實驗,包括RNA, DNA 的品質檢測分析,次世代定序 library 的製備等實驗操作。
3. 實驗室例行事務管理工作
4. 臨時交代事務
Requirements 1. 具良好溝通協調能力及工作熱忱,樂意學習相關新技術。
2. 大學或碩士畢業。
3. 熟悉分子生物學原理與實驗操作。了解功能基因體學領域與次世代定序概念及其應用。
4. 熟悉一般電腦、科學儀器之軟/硬體操作。
2023-01-31 ~ 2023-07-31
Lab name 中央研究院 植物暨微生物學研究所 行政室
Job Position 長期工讀生一名
Responsibilities 信件收發、公文傳遞、文書處理及臨時交辦事項。
工作時間:週一至週五 每日 3-4 小時 (詳細時間面議)
Requirements 1. 大專院校以上在學學生(每學期均需檢附在學證明供查驗)。
2. 英文略通,熟悉電腦文書處理。
3. 品行端正、耐心、細心、負責、有服務熱忱。
4. 表達及溝通能力良好。
2023-01-11 ~ 2023-06-30
Lab name Paul Verslues lab
Job Position Research Assistant
Responsibilities Research projects related to plant stress signaling. Applicants with experience related to molecular biology (cloning, gene expression analysis), cell biology/microscopy, protein interaction/biochemistry or plant physiology are all encouraged to apply.
Requirements Applicants should have a recent MS or BS degree with research experience.
2023-01-03 ~ 2023-04-02