Lab name 中研院植微所 何金敏 實驗室
Job Position 碩士級研究助理/博士後
Responsibilities 本實驗室致力於研究植物表皮的發育-表皮幹細胞如何決定分化。本計畫會用到流式細胞儀分選,單細胞轉錄體學,顯微鏡縮時攝影,遺傳、分子生物及蛋白純化等技術。實驗室的討論氣氛活躍,人員易相處。這是一個全新的研究領域,歡迎有熱忱的你加入。
Requirements (1) 具研究熱忱及強烈學習動機。
(2) 熟悉分子生物實驗,若有次世代定序或蛋白純化技術尤佳。
(3) 相關科系碩士畢業,能力優異者亦歡迎申請。
2022-01-19 ~ 2022-03-31
Lab name 中央研究院 植物暨微⽣物學研究所 郭志鴻 實驗室
Job Position 徵求研究⼈員(助理及博⼠後)

關鍵詞:Agrobacterium-mediated transformation, CRISPR/Cas9
genome editing, comparative genomics and transcriptomics, molecular
plant-microbe interactions

Requirements (1)具研究熱忱及強烈學習意願,如有相關研究經驗尤佳;
2021-11-22 ~ 2022-01-31
Lab name Lay-Sun Ma
Job Position Postdoc/Research Assistant

We are seeking a skilled and highly motivated scientific researcher to join our team to explore the virulence and defense mechanisms in plant-fungus interaction. We integrate transcriptomics, proteomics, cell biology, genetics, and biochemical analyses to identify and investigate the molecular mechanisms of fungal effectors/plant defense molecules in the maize and Ustilago maydis interaction.

Postdoctoral candidates have recently received a Ph.D. in molecular biology molecular biology, biochemistry, molecular plant-microbe interactions, or related disciplines are encouraged to apply. Experience with Live-Cell-Imaging microscopy/Proteomics studies would be a plus. A record of peer-reviewed publications to demonstrate his/her ability to conduct and troubleshot experiments, accomplish a project independently, and solid verbal and written communication skills are a requirement. The position is initially for one year and renewable for another two years upon satisfactory performance.

Research assistant candidates with master’s degrees and who have experience in molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics are encouraged to apply. Experience with Live-Cell-Imaging microscopy and protein purification would be a plus.

2021-10-29 ~ 2022-03-31
Lab name Ooi-kock Teh Lab
Job Position A Postdoctoral (PD) researcher and a Research Assistant (RA)
Responsibilities We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher and a research assistant to investigate cell size regulations and morphological adaptations in land plants.
Requirements Candidates are expected to be fluent in English (both writing and speaking) and have basic knowledge in molecular cloning and cell biology. Prior knowledge in working with plants is not a prerequisite but preferred.
2021-10-25 ~ 2022-03-31
Lab name 朱宇敏 Lab
Job Position 研究助理
Responsibilities 1. 具分生基礎,有操作PCR及cloning 二年以上經驗
2. 需製備過competent cell…等實驗
Requirements 碩、學士級研究助理
2021-10-14 ~ 2022-07-31