Small Molecule Metabolomics Core Lab

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  • A227, Agricultural Technology Building

The goal of the Small Molecule Metabolomics core facility in the Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology is to provide cutting-edge mass spectrometry-based metabolomics services and cost-effective assays for investigators engaged in studying the metabolic perturbation of organisms. The Metabolomics Core offers a variety of services, including identification of targeted and untargeted metabolites, and global metabolites profiling. The Metabolomics Core is equipped with a liquid or gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry for separation and detection of various classes of metabolites. The metabolites we analyzed represent a diverse group of chemical compounds such as amino acids, lipids, carbohydrate, organic acids and environmental chemicals. We provide research consultation and technical supports like user trainings for instrument and software operations.

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Equipment Model Service Charges More information
LCMS Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Link Link
Orbitrap Elite
Velos Pro
GC MS GC MSD 5975C 1,000/Day Link
GC MSD 5977B 1,000/Day Link
UPLC UPLC Classic System 1,000/Day Link
HPLC HPLC 1260 infinity II 600/Day Link
FPLC ÄKTA pure 25 M 600/Day Link
HPAEC HPAEC ICS-5000 400/Day Link
Vacuum Centrifuges ScanSpeed MaxiVac Free Link

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