Lab name 謝明勳 Lab
Job Position 博士後研究員
Responsibilities 研究內容:
1. 阿拉伯芥與水稻對氨基酸的感應與訊息傳導
2. 氨基酸誘發植物防禦機制之研究
Requirements 誠徵博士級研究助理,申請者須對植物分子遺傳研究有興趣,具分子生物相關技術及經驗者尤佳。
2021-10-07 ~ 2021-12-31
Lab name Erh-Min Lai Lab
Job Position Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Responsibilities To study biological and structural insights of the novel type IV and VI secretion system (T4SS and T6SS) effectors in agrobacteria.
Requirements Passion in microbiology research and bacterial protein secretion systems. Applicants with research experiences and expertise in protein biochemistry, structural biology, and/or microscopy are required. Applicants with proposed new ideas or projects are also encouraged to apply.
2021-08-24 ~ 2021-12-31
Lab name Wan-Hsing Cheng Lab
Job Position Postdoc or Research Assistant
Responsibilities The Research Assistant will be involved in study of abiotic stress, plant development, and ribosome biogenesis.
Requirements Candidate has to be familiar with basic molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, or cell biology---etc.
2021-08-17 ~ 2021-11-17
Lab name 植物暨微生物學研究所 王昭雯 實驗室
Job Position 博士後研究人才
Responsibilities 本實驗室長期利用微生物系統研究細胞的油滴生成機制. 本職缺徵求對”利用秀麗線蟲系統來探討油脂相關飲食對生長發育影響”為主題有興趣的博士後研究人才
Requirements 生物, 生化或微生物系所畢業, 有模式生物研究經驗為主.有線蟲研究經驗者優先考慮
工作具挑戰性, 需耐心靈活, 具抗壓性, 創造力和領導力, 歡迎喜歡動手做實驗能將複雜問題抽絲剝繭的博士後研究者加入本實驗室的行列.
2021-07-28 ~ 2021-10-31