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  • A227, Agricultural Technology Building

HPAEC 高效陰離子交換儀

儀器名稱 Equipment


high-performance anion exchange chromatography with pulsed amperometric detection

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收費 Service Charges

NT 400/ Day

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IPMB users

All users must be trained by manager and finish registration.

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配備 Content

Electrochemical Conventional Electrodes Electrolytically Regenerated Suppressor

AX Pump

Fraction Collector

功能 Function

High-performance Anion Exchange Chromatography (HPAEC) at high pH coupled with pulsed electrochemical detection (P) is useful techniques for carbohydrate determination. This technique has been of a great impact on the analysis of oligo- and polysaccharides. The compatibility of electrochemical detection with gradient elution, coupled with the high selectivity of the stationary phases, allows mixtures of simple sugars, oligo- and polysaccharides to be separated with high resolution.

應用 Application

fucose, rhamnose, arabinose, galactose, glucose, xylose, mannose, ribose, sucrose

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