單 位 中研院植微所賴爾珉 & 郭志鴻 實驗室
職務名稱 博士級專案經理、博士後研究員、碩士/學士級研究助理

Two Research Scientist (PhD-level) and multiple Technician (MS- or BS-level) positions are available to carry out an institutional team project on Agrobacterium transformation. Annual renewal for long-term employment is possible for these positions.

Each Research Scientist will lead a team of two Technicians to carry out one of the two sub-projects: (1) Systematic omics analysis of Agrobacterium genes in virulence and plant transformation efficiency, and (2) Functional studies of Agrobacterium and plant factors in Agrobacterium-mediated plant transformation.

應徵資格 Passion in science and research expertise in microbiology, comparative omics, or plant biology.
2020-06-22 ~ 2020-09-30