Chou, Shu-Jen (周素珍)

Associate Research Specialist

  • +886-2-2787-1072(Office)
  • sjchou@gate.sinica.edu.tw
  • Genomic Technology Core Laboratory

I am in charge of the “DNA Microarray Core Lab.”in IPMB. Major duties include:

Maintain and operate instruments in microarray core lab.

Provide technical support, user training and consulting service for microarray experiment, NGS library preparation and ddPCR system.

Explore and develop new microarray and NGS application technologies or methodologies.

Organize microarray, NGS technology and data analyses workshops

Collaborative R&D related to DNA microarray and NGS technology

All publication list

Selected publication list

  • Hou CY, Lee WC, Chou HC, Chen AP, Chou SJ, and Chen HM (2016) Global analysis of truncated RNA ends reveals new insights into ribosome stalling in plants. The Plant Cell 28:2398-2416.
  • Sang CH, Chou SJ, Pan FM and Sheu JT (2016) Fluorescence enhancement and multiple protein detection in ZnO nanostructure microfluidic devices. Biosensors & Bioelectronics 75:285-292.
  • Tsai KJ, Chou SJ and Shih MC (2014) Ethylene plays an essential role in the recovery of Arabidopsis during post-anaerobiosis reoxygenation. Plant Cell and Environment. DOI: 10.1111/pce.12292.
  • Hsu FC, Chou MY, Chou SJ, Li YR, Peng HP, Shih MC (2013) Submergence confers immunity mediated by the WRKY22 transcription factor in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 25:2699-2713.
  • Hsu FC, Chou MY, Peng HP, Chou SJ, Shih MC (2011) Insights into hypoxic systemic responses based on analyses of transcriptional regulation in Arabidopsis. PLOS ONE 6:e28888.
  • Hsu CT, Liao DC, Wu FH, Liu NT, Shen SC, Chou SJ, Tung SY, Yang CH, Chan MT, Lin CS (2011) Integration of molecular biology tools for identifying promoters and genes abundantly expressed in flowers of Oncidium Gower Ramsey. BMC Plant Biol 11:60.