[Tien-Shin Yu] A ROCing ride to plasmodesmata: the organelle hitchhiking of mobile mRNA transport

Luo et al., 2024 Nature Plants

Machinery underlying mobile mRNAs transport.

In plants, mobile mRNAs travel between cells through intercellular pores, plasmodesmata, and a long distance via phloem in the vascular tissue, to modulate plant development systemically. However, how mobile mRNAs target plasmodesmata to initiate cell-to-cell movement is unclear. Dr. Tien-Shin Yu’s group in the Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology unveiled the machinery supporting the intracellular transport of mobile mRNAs. They identified endosomal RNA-binding proteins ROCs specifically bridge mobile mRNAs onto the surface of endosomes. The organelle-bound mobile mRNA complex co-transports with endosomes through cytoskeleton networks toward plasmodesmata. This study reveals a hitchhiking strategy is used to direct mobile mRNAs for intercellular delivery. The results have been published in the January issue of Nature Plants in 2024.

Luo et al (2024) Arabidopsis cyclophilins direct intracellular transport of mobile mRNA via organelle hitchhiking. Nature Plants.