[Wolfgang Schmidt] Chromatin enrichment for Proteomics in Plants (ChEP-P) implicates the histone reader ALFIN-LIKE 6 in jasmonate signalling

Covalent modifications of core histones govern downstream DNA-templated processes such as transcription by altering chromatin structure and function. The plant homeodomain protein ALFIN-LIKE 6 (AL6) is a bona fide histone reader that preferentially binds trimethylated lysin 4 on histone 3. In this study, Wolfgang Schmidt’s group demonstrates that AL6 is also involved in the response of Arabidopsis seedlings to jasmonic acid (JA) during skotomorphogenesis by modulating chromatin dynamics that affect the transcriptional regulation of JA-responsive genes (Vélez-Bermúdez and Schmidt; BMC Genomics). Altered abundance of proteins involved in chromatin organization in al6 seedlings suggests a role of AL6 in coordinating the deposition of histone variants upon perception of internal or environmental stimuli. The study shows that the ChEP-P method, a protocol adopted for plant material by the group, is well suited to gain insights into chromatin-related processes in plants.