[Ooi-kock Teh] A Postdoctoral (PD) researcher and a Research Assistant (RA)

單 位 Ooi-kock Teh Lab
職務名稱 A Postdoctoral (PD) researcher and a Research Assistant (RA)
工作內容 We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher and a research assistant to investigate cell size regulations and morphological adaptations in land plants.
應徵資格 Candidates are expected to be fluent in English (both writing and speaking) and have basic knowledge in molecular cloning and cell biology. Prior knowledge in working with plants is not a prerequisite but preferred.
待遇 We offer competitive remuneration packages for PD (from NTD 57,914) and RA (MS degree holder from NTD 40, 245; BS degree holder from NTD 34,356)
參考網站 https://ipmb.sinica.edu.tw/ch/people/ipmb_researchers/teh-ooi-kock
聯絡人 Dr. Teh Ooi Kock
聯絡電話 +886-2-2787-1101
電子信箱 okteh@gate.sinica.edu.tw
應備文件 Please email a CV and a personal statement (<1,000 words) that states (1) a simple description of yourself, (2) your career goals and (3) why do you think my lab is suitable for you to develop your career.
2021-10-25 ~ 2022-03-31