[中研院植微所賴爾珉 & 郭志鴻 實驗室] 博士級專案經理、博士後研究員、碩士/學士級研究助理

單 位 中研院植微所賴爾珉 & 郭志鴻 實驗室
職務名稱 博士級專案經理、博士後研究員、碩士/學士級研究助理

Two Research Scientist (PhD-level) and multiple Technician (MS- or BS-level) positions are available to carry out an institutional team project on Agrobacterium transformation. Annual renewal for long-term employment is possible for these positions.

Each Research Scientist will lead a team of two Technicians to carry out one of the two sub-projects: (1) Systematic omics analysis of Agrobacterium genes in virulence and plant transformation efficiency, and (2) Functional studies of Agrobacterium and plant factors in Agrobacterium-mediated plant transformation.

應徵資格 Passion in science and research expertise in microbiology, comparative omics, or plant biology.
待遇 According to the Academia Sinica regulations with considerations on expertise and experience. The salary is sufficient for a quality life comparable to those holding similar positions in the US or Europe. Research Scientist candidates who demonstrate significant professional accomplishments and leadership will be offered a higher salary than regular Postdoctoral Research Associates.
聯絡人 Please send a complete CV, name and contact information of two references, and a brief description of motivation to both of the Lead Principal Investigators, Drs. Erh-Min Lai (emlai@gate.sinica.edu.tw) and Chih-Horng Kuo (chk@gate.sinica.edu.tw). Informal inquiries are welcome. Suitable candidates will be invited for interviews. All positions are open until filled; applications received by July 31, 2020 will be selected for the first round of interviews.
2020-06-22 ~ 2020-09-30