[Paul Verslues ] Research Assistant

Lab name Paul Verslues lab
Job Position Research Assistant
Responsibilities Research projects related to plant stress signaling. Applicants with experience related to molecular biology (cloning, gene expression analysis), cell biology/microscopy, protein interaction/biochemistry or plant physiology are all encouraged to apply.
Requirements Applicants should have a recent MS or BS degree with research experience.
Salary BS degree (1st year): NT$ 35,756/month or above
MS degree (1st year): NT$ 41,885/month or above
Website https://ipmb.sinica.edu.tw/en/people/ipmb_researchers/verslues-paul-e
Contact Dr. Paul Verslues
Telephone 02-27871077
Email paulv@gate.sinica.edu.tw
Documents 1. Please send your CV (resume) and a letter describing your experience and interest in the position along with the names and email addresses of 1-2 references.
2. Application material should be sent by email to Paul Verslues (paulv@gate.sinica.edu.tw).
3. Application materials should be in English.
4. Applicants of interest will be contacted for further information and interview.
2023-01-03 ~ 2023-04-02