[Paul Verslues] AHL10 phosphorylation mediates RRP6L1 chromatin recruitment.

Wong et al., 2023 Plant Cell & Environment

Rosettes of wild type Arabidopsis thaliana or mutant lacking expression of RRP6L1 (rrp6l1-2) grown in well-watered control conditions or subjected to an extended period of reduced watering (drought) that restricts growth of wild type but had less effect on the rrp6l1-2 mutant.

Previous research in the Verslues laboratory found that phosphorylation of the AT-Hook Like 10 (AHL10), a DNA-binding protein of unclear function, suppresses growth during moderate severity drought stress.  Here we further demonstrated that one function of AHL10 phosphorylation is to control its ability to mediate chromatin association of the epigenetic regulator RRP6L1.  RRP6L1 also functions as a suppressor of growth during drought stress.  AHL10 function in growth regulation is not shared by AHL13 despite their close similarity and conserved phosphorylation sites.

Wong MM, Huang X-J, Bau Y-C, Verslues PE (2023) AT Hook-Like 10 phosphorylation determines Ribosomal RNA Processing 6-Like 1 (RRP6L1) chromatin association and growth suppression during water stress. Plant Cell & Environment