[Tien-Shin Yu] A leaf-derived mobile mRNA specifies floral meristem development

Many mobile mRNAs are synthesized in the source cells, but specifically exert their functions in the recipient cells. How plants avoid ectopic functions of mobile mRNAs in the source cells remains to be elucidated. Research from Dr. Tien-Shin Yu’s Lab revealed that Arabidopsis AGAMOUS-LIKE 24 (AGL24) is a leaf-derived mobile mRNA that systematically specify floral organ identity. Furthermore, AGL24 proteins undergo selective degradation in leaves to ensure the non-cell autonomous function of AGL24 mRNAs.

Huang, et al (2023) Arabidopsis leaf-expressed AGAMOUS-LIKE 24 mRNA systemically specifies floral meristem differentiation, New Phytologist