[Chih-Hang Wu] A novel mechanism in regulating plant immune receptor

Adachi et al., 2023 PLoS Genetics

Modulator NLR has evolved from helper NLR to maintain NLR network homeostasis.

Plants use complex and efficient immune systems to fight various pathogens. Immune receptors play an essential role in detecting plant pathogens and activating downstream immune signals. Plant genomes often encode hundreds of immune receptor genes, some of which work together to form a complex immune receptor network. Since the activation of immune receptors can quickly cause plant cell death, the immune receptors and the immune network they form need to be precisely regulated to avoid autoimmune responses during plant growth. This study identified an atypical immune receptor protein that does not induce cell death but participates in the regulation of immune response caused by helper immune receptors. This type of immune receptor protein has evolved from a typical helper receptor protein. They can regulate the homeostasis of the immune system and affect the trade-off between plant growth and immunity. Understanding the regulatory mechanisms of the plant immune system should provide direction for future breeding for disease resistance.

Adachi et al (2023) An atypical NLR protein modulates the NRC immune receptor network in Nicotiana benthamiana, PLoS Genetics

Link: https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pgen.1010500