2023 Summer Undergraduate Internship Program Final Presentation Awardees

POST:2023-09-04 12:18:37




Presentation Title

Gold Award

Nian-Pu Li

Dr. Chih-Horng Kuo

Genomic divergence of the 16SrII phytoplasmas in Asian countries

Silver Award

Yun-Ching Yen

Dr. Chung-Ju Wang

Exploring Rice Meiotic Crossovers by Immunolocalization in 3D

Silver Award

He-Ping Liu

Dr. Chih-Hang Wu

Golden-Gate compatible split GAL4 RUBY assay for detection of protein-protein interactions in-planta

Bronze Award

Pin-Wen Chen

Dr. Shu-Hsing Wu

Why are dcp5 and cop1 disadvantageous for survival under prolonged darkness after germination?

Bronze Award

Te-En Chen

Dr. Erh-Min Lai

Systematic analyses of c-di-GMP-signaling proteins on interbacterial competitions in Agrobacterium tumefaciens C58

Bronze Award

Chia-Yen Wu

Dr. Pao-Yang Chen

Unraveling the Interplay Between DNA Methylation and Lipid Metabolism in Arabidopsis through Bioinformatics Analysis