[2020/09/01] IPMB Summer Undergraduate Intern Program

Congratulation to Shih-Hsun Hung (洪世勳) on receiving the Outstanding Oral Presentation Award. Special thank to Ching-Ting Huang (黃敬廷) for the hardwork on mentoring.

[2020/06/30] PEM Party

Five labs of the Plant and Environmental Microbiology (PEM) group of our institute had a joint party to welcome new members and to bid farewell to those who are leaving for their next step of professional development.

[2020/06/29] PEM Sports Hours

The Plant and Environmental Microbiology (PEM) group members continue to work hard and play hard. Badminton is still a favorite for our weekly sports hours.

[2020/06/01] Lab Anniversary Party

10th anniversary!

[2020/03/18] Group Photo

Chi-Lung Ma (馬啟隆) is leaving for his military service and Yu Wu (吳宇) completed a successful rotation project in the lab. We wish them all the best!

[2020/01/16-17] MiTalk 2020 @ NTU

Lin Chou (周林) was selected for a flash talk to present his poster.

Group photo in front of the poster by Lin Chou (周林); with Dr. Chun-Yao Chen (陳俊堯).

Group photo in front of the poster by Ho-Lin Chung (鍾鶴林).

[2019/12/23] PEM Joint Lunch

Four research groups in the Plant and Environmental Microbiology (PEM) discipline of our institute, including those led by Chuan Ku (顧銓), Erh-Min Lai (賴爾珉), Lay-Sun Ma (馬麗珊), and us had a joint lunch after our regular journal club to celebrate the coming holidays. It is wonderful to have the warm friendship and delicious dishes from our Taiwanese and international team members!

[2019/12/20] Joint Lab Party

We and our next-door neighbors, the research group led by Chuan Ku (顧銓), had a joint lab party. A delightful evening with hot pots, video games, board games, and tons of laughs.

[2019/12/04] International Conference on Mycoplasmas @ Pune, India

2019 International Conference on Human, Animal and Plant Mycoplasmas. Held by the National Centre for Microbial Resource (NCMR), National Centre for Cell Science (NCCS) in Pune, India.

[2019/11/23] Prof. CY Lin Memorial Award

Chih-Horng Kuo (郭志鴻) received the Professor Chu-Yung Lin Memorial Award for Innovative Research Program (林秋榮教授植物科學創新研究獎) from Dr. Ming-Tsair Chan (詹明才) (President of the TSPB).

[2019/10/26] Academia Sinica Open House

Our lab made a display about Xylella in Taiwan and our work on the population genomics of these pathogens.

[2019/09/18-21] INRA @ Bordeaux, France

Chih-Horng Kuo (郭志鴻) visited Xavier Foissac. With Laure Béven.

[2019/09/14-18] ENVT @ Toulouse, France

Chih-Horng Kuo (郭志鴻) visited Christine Citti. With Eric Baranowski, Xavier Nouvel, Emilie Dordet-Frisoni, and Xavier Foissac.

[2019/09/08-12] IPWG 2019 @ Valencia, Spain

The 4th meeting of the International Phytoplasmologist Working Group (IPWG). Photo taken by Roberto Michelutti.