[2024/07/07-11] IOM Congress @ Gran Canaria, Spain

Our lab attended the 25th Congress of the International Organization for Mycoplasmology (IOM) in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. Congratulations to Shen-Chian Pei (裴慎謙) and Xiao-Hua Yan (顏小華) on receiving the IOM travel grants to attend this conference and having successful poster presentations. Chih-Horng Kuo (郭志鴻) gave an oral presentation on genome-based taxonomy of Mollicutes. The gala dinner at the Poema del Mar Aquarium was amazing. Other than the exciting science, it was lovely to see many friends and collaborators again!

[2024/07/03] Lab Badminton Time

Welcome our former intern Nian-Pu Li (李念璞) to re-join the lab as a research assistant.

[2024/06/18] Visit by Kenro Oshima

Prof. Kenro Oshima (Hosei University) visited our institute to talk about the fascinating biology of phytoplasmas.

[2024/01/25] Alumni Visit

Two former lab members, Shu-Ting Cho (卓舒婷) and Lin Chou (周林), who are both pursuing their doctoral study in the USA, came back to visit the lab.

[2024/01/18-19] MiTalk 8 @ TCU

The lab attended MiTalk 8 at the Tzu Chi University in Hualien.

[2024/01/05] PEM Party

Annual party of the Plant and Environmental Microbiology (PEM) labs of our institute.

[2023/11/24] Visit by Chung-Ju Tsai

Prof. Chung-Ju Tsai from the University of Georgia (UGA) visited our lab. The lab PI Chih-Horng Kuo (郭志鴻) is a proud alumnus of UGA Genetics.

[2023/09/27] Lab Party

Congratulations to Shen-Chian Pei (裴慎謙) on his successful MS defense!

[2023/08/31] IPMB Summer Undergraduate Internship Program

Congratulations to our summer interns Nian-Pu Li (李念璞) and Ru-Bin Yao (姚儒賓) on their successful completion of the internship program. Also, Nian-Pu received the Gold Award for her final presentation!

[2023/08/24-26] Bacteriology Conference @ NCYU

We attended the 27th Bacteriology Conference in Chiayi, Taiwan. Congratulations to Hsin-Ying Chang (張心盈) and Xiao-Hua Yan (顏小華) on receiving poster awards!

[2023/08/01] Visit by Maria Pieters

Dr. Maria Pieters (University of Minnesota, USA), a Board Member of the International Organization for Mycoplasmology (IOM), visited our lab.

[2023/07/27] Lab Table Tennis Time

For this summer, we changed the weekly sports hours from badminton to table tennis.

[2023/07/16-20] IOM Congress @ Osaka, Japan

Chih-Horng Kuo (郭志鴻) (middle) received the Derrick Edward Award from the International Organization for Mycoplasmology (IOM) Chair Steven Geary (left) and Award Committee Chair Amir Hadjinoormohammadi (right).

The Derrick Edward Award Lecture by Chih-Horng Kuo (郭志鴻).

Chih-Horng Kuo (郭志鴻) (left) with other Derrick Edward Award recipients: Rohini Chopra-Dewasthaly (2018), Pascal Sirand-Pugnet (2010), Mitchell Balish (2008), Makoto Miyata (1998), and Alain Blanchard (1996).

Poster presentation by Shen-Chian Pei (裴慎謙).

Poster presentation by Xiao-Hua Yan (顏小華).

Poster presentation by our collaborators Prof. Jun-Yi Yang (楊俊逸) and Ms. Yi-Ching Chiu (邱怡靜).

Poster presentation by our collaborators Prof. Martina Šeruga Musić and Dr. Marina Drčelić.

[2023/05/30] Visit by Tiffany Lowe-Power

Prof. Tiffany Lowe-Power (University of California, Davis) visited our institute to talk about Ralstonia and type VI secretion system (T6SS).

[2023/03/21] Lab Lunch

[2023/01/12-13] MiTalk 7 @ NTOU

The lab attended MiTalk 7 at the National Taiwan Ocean University in Keelung. In addition to the fun scientific discussion about microbiology, we also enjoy the beautiful weather and seaside view. Congratulations to Yu Wu (吳宇) on receiving the First Place Award in the 3-min Fire Talk Competition!

[2023/01/06] PEM Party

The Plant and Environmental Microbiology (PEM) group of our institute had a joint party to celebrate the start of a new year.