[2018/08/31] IPMB Summer Undergraduate Intern Program

Ting-Yi Lee (李庭儀) receiving the Excellent Oral Presentation Award from IPMB Deputy Director Dr. Erh-Min Lai.

[2018/08/31] Lab Lunch

[2018/08/17] Bacteriology 2018 @ Chiayi

[2018/08/10] Cultural Day

Mindi introduces the culture and food of Indonesia in an IPMB social event.

[2018/07/09] IOM 2018 @ Portsmouth, NH, USA

[2018/05/19] AOM/JSM 2018 @ Tokyo, Japan

(Left to right) Ming-Jen Pan, Chih-Horng Kuo, Shigeru Kamiya (the 7th President of AOM), Tsuyoshi Kenri (the 45th President of JSM), and In-Jen Pan.

[2018/05/14] Badminton Time

[2018/03/23] IPMB Travel Grant Competition

Shu-Ting Cho (卓舒婷) receiving the award certificate from Director Long-Fang Chen.

[2018/02/09] Lab Lunch

[2017/11/28] Lab Field Trip

[2017/10/28] Academia Sinica Open House

Shu-Ting Cho (卓舒婷) and Hung-Jui Kung (龔泓睿) explain our work on phytoplasmas to the visitors

[2017/08/31] IPMB Summer Undergraduate Intern Program

An Chang (張安) receiving the Outstanding Oral Presentation Award from IPMB Deputy Director Dr. Mei-Chu Chung.

[2017/08/30] Lab Lunch

[2017/07/07] Univ. of Texas at Austin

Chih-Horng Kuo with Howard Ochman.

Chih-Horng Kuo with Nancy Moran.

[2017/07/06] SMBE 2017 @ Austin, TX, USA

Symbiosis and Interactions symposium; all organizers and speakers (left to right: Tamara Haselkorn, Daniel Sloan, Theresa Pawlowska, Alejandro Manzano-Marin, Richard Cordaux, Becky Chong, Eva Novakova, and Chih-Horng Kuo).

Poster session; Chih-Horng Kuo with Becky Chong (co-organizer of the Symbiosis and Interactions symposium).

[2017/06/07] Lab Dinner

[2017/06/02] Academia Sinica Research Award for Junior Research Investigators

Chih-Horng Kuo (郭志鴻) receiving the award from Dr. James C. Liao (廖俊智) (President of Academia Sinica).

[2017/02/06] Group Photo

[2016/11/12] TIGP-MBAS Retreat @ Academia Sinica

Wen-Sui Lo (羅文穗) receiving the Academy Award from Dr. Paul Verslues.

[2016/08/17-19] Bacteriology 2016 @ Jinshan

[2016/08/12] Lab Lunch

[2016/02/24] Lab Lunch

[2015/12/09] Dr. Haiwei Luo's Visit

Dr. Haiwei Luo (羅海偉) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. With Drs. Ryuji Machida (町田龍二) and Sen-Lin Tang (湯森林) from BRC, Academia Sinica.

[2015/11/06] Dr. Xavier Foissac's Visit

[2015/10/16] IPMB Travel Grant Competition

Wen-Sui Lo (羅文穗) receiving the first-place certificate from Director Long-Fang Chen.

[2015/08/27] Group Photo

[2015/05/28] Field Collection

Collecting phytoplasma-infected plants.

[2014/12/30] Lab Lunch

[2014/10/23] Dr. Dilfuza Egamberdieva's visit

[2014/10/05] Lab Reunion

[2014/07/30] Lab Dinner

[2014/06/10] IPMB Poster Competition

[2014/06/10] IOM 2014 @ Blumenau, Brazil

Chih-Horng Kuo with Dr. Gail Gasparich (Biological Sciences, Towson University, USA).

[2013/12/20] Lab Dinner

[2013/12/15] TSPB Outstanding Young Scholar Award

Chih-Horng Kuo (郭志鴻) receiving the Taiwan Society of Plant Biologists (TSPB) Outstanding Young Scholar Award from Dr. Anthony Huang (黃煥中) (President of the TSPB).

[2013/12/03] Prof. Chung-Jan Chang (張宗仁)'s visit

[2013/07/08] Univ. of Georgia @ Athens, GA, USA

Chih-Horng Kuo with Dr. Jessica Kissinger (Genetics, University of Georgia).

[2013/07/08] SMBE 2013 @ Chicago, IL, USA

[2013/05/24] Lab Dinner

[2012/12/20] Group Photo

[2012/12/17] Dumpling Party

[2012/08/21] Group Photo

[2012/08/20] Board Game Party

[2012/02/24] PGSI Annotation School 2012 @ Norwich, UK

Chih-Horng Kuo with Dr. Saskia Hogenhout (Cell and Development Biology, John Innes Centre, UK).

[2011/05/18] New Lab Space

[2011/03/21] Group Photo

[2011/01/06] Academia Sinica Website Competition

Chih-Horng Kuo (郭志鴻) receiving the award from Dr. Chi-Huey Wong (翁啟惠) (President of Academia Sinica).