[2022/08/31] IPMB Summer Undergraduate Internship Program

Congratulations to our summer intern this year, Fang-Yu Lin (林芳瑜), on receiving a Bronze Award, and to Ho-Lin Chung (鍾鶴林), a former high school intern in our lab and did her internship in the Ku lab this summer, on receiving a Silver Award, for their final oral presentations!

[2022/08/25-27] Bacteriology Conference @ NYCU

We attended the 26th Bacteriology Conference in Hsinchu, Taiwan with members from Dr. Erh-Min Lai's lab in our institute. Congratulations to Yu Wu (吳宇) on receiving a honorable mention for her poster presentation!

[2022/08/23] Alumni Visit

Two former lab members, Shu-Ting Cho (卓舒婷) and Lin Chou (周林), who are both pursuing their doctoral study in the USA, came back to visit the lab. The hand drawing of a bacterial type VI secretion system (T6SS) on the whiteboard was done by Lin Chou (周林).

[2022/08/08] Group Photo

Farewell to our Ukrainian guests, Dr. Hanna Chepyshko and her beautiful family. Wish them a good trip to the US and hope the war ends soon for them to return home. We thank the generous support from the Taiwan Scholarship for Ukrainian Scholars provided by Academia Sinica and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan.

[2022/06/28] Lab Badminton Time

Several lab alumni joined us in our weekly badminton time. Nice to catch up with everyone and we said farewell to Yu-Chen Lin (林宥辰), wishing him the best for his PhD study in New York University.

[2022/06/06] Group Photo

We welcome Dr. Hanna Chepyshko to join us as a visiting scholar via the Taiwan Scholarship for Ukrainian Scholars. We thank the strong support from Academia Sinica and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan, and hope the war in Ukraine will end soon.

[2022/01/19-20] MiTalk6 @ THU

[2022/01/14] PEM Party

The Plant and Environmental Microbiology (PEM) group of our institute had a joint party to celebrate the start of a new year.

[2022/01/07] Agrobacterium Project Party

Three labs in our institute (Erh-Min Lai (賴爾珉), Chih-Hang Wu (吳志航), and Chih-Horng Kuo (郭志鴻)) hosted a party to celebrate the start of a Academia Sinica Grand Challenge Grant that we received to work on Agrobacterium-mediated transformation.

[2021/12/11] Joint Conference for Agriculture Biotechnology

Congratulations to Shih-Hsun Hung (洪世勳) on receiving the silver medal award for his oral presentation from the International Society of Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology (ISBAB) Taiwan Chapter.

[2021/11/09] Lab Badminton Time

After a 6-month break due to the pandemic, we are now all vaccinated and our lab resume the weekly badminton time. So great to have our life gradually back to normal.

[2021/07/26] Group Photo

Farewell to Ting-Yi Lee (李庭儀) (completion of her MS study) and Ching-Ting Huang (黃敬廷) (moving to the University of Georgia for his PhD study).

[2021/01/28-29] MiTalk5 @ NSYSU

Extremely grateful for the phenomenal disease control in Taiwan that we can still have physical conferences amid the global coronavirus pandemic. Our entire lab went to Kaohsiung to attend this annual event that aims to promote microbiology research among young scientists. Really enjoy the cool science, the warm friendship, and the beautiful sunny beach. Congratulations to our lab member Ting-Yi Lee (李庭儀) and our collaborator Sook-Kuan Lee (李淑君) on receiving the poster presentation award!