IPMB  Academia Sinica

  • [2019/01] Rachel Wang is invited to give a talk in the 2019 PAG meeting.
  • [2018/12] The 2018 Symposium on Chromosome Biology will be held during December 9-11 in the campus. Rachel Wang acted on the Organization Committee and gave a talk during the meeting.
  • [2018/08] Congratulations to our postodoc Pearl Pei-Chun Chang for receiving an Assistant Professor position in the National Pingtung Univeristy of Science and Technology.


  • Welcome to the Wang lab! We are part of the Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology within Academia Sinica, located in Taipei, Taiwan.

    We are interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms of meiotic cell cycle control and homologous recombination in plants. By combining genetics, biochemistry, proteomics and superb cytology with super-resolution imaging, we are investigating how meiosis is initiated and how homologous chromosomes pair and recombine with each other, as well as how exit from meiosis is accomplished.

    The synaptonemal complex of a maize male meiocyte at pachytene stage acquired by super-resolution Structured Illumination Microscopy. The tripartite structure with two lateral elements (green) and one central element (red) was detected by immunofluorescence. The image was captured and processed by Ding Hua Lee.