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1. In-gel/In-solution trypsin digestion

Trypsin/Lys-C digestion for LC-MS/MS analysis and protein identification.

2. Protein identification

LC-MS/MS based peptide analysis and database search for protein identification.

3. Protein phosphorylation site analysis

Phosphopeptide enrichment and phosphorylation site analysis.

4. Proteome analysis using 2D LC-MS/MS

e.g. SCX or HILIC HPLC fractionation as the 1st dimension and C18 as the 2nd dimension.

5. Quantatative proteome analysis (iTRAQ, TMT, SILAC, ...)

Isobaric reagent (iTRAQ/TMT) labelings of tryptic peptides or peptides from stable isotope labeling with amino acids in culture (SILAC) LC-MS/MS analysis for ralative protein expression profiling.

6. Targeted protein analysis using SIM and PRM

Targeted protein analysis using selected ion monitoring (SIM) and parallel reaction monitoring (PRM) method on Q Exactive mass spectrometer

7. Two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (2D PAGE)

We provide and maintain equipments and software for protein 2D PAGE and image analysis.

* Publication/Citation

For manuscript preparation, the mass spectrometry method for protein identification and format to acknowledge work done by the Core Lab can be downloaded here. When appropriate results work through collaboration, co-authorship of any publications should be shared.


For service fees, please refer to the Sample Submission Form for protein MS/MS analysis.


Sample Submission Form for protein MS/MS analysis

Sample Submission Form for quantitative proteome analysis

Instruction for sample preparation and submission

MS Method and Acknowledgement for Manuscript Preparation

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