Proteomics Core Laboratory
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IEF system (GE Healthcare, Ettan IPGphor 3)

Strip holder (7, 13, 18, 24cm)


SDS-PAGE system (Bio-Rad, Protean II XL Multi-Cell)

Spacer (1, 1.5 mm), Glass Plate (20 x 20 cm; 20 x 22.5 cm), Gradient Former (1,500 mL), Power Supply (Bio-Rad PowerPac 1000)


SDS-PAGE system (GE Healthcare, Ettan DALTsix Electrophoresis Unit)

Runs up to 6 large format gels (26 x 20 cm) used with 18 or 24 cm long IPG strip gels


Multi-Gel Casting Chamber (Bio-Rad, Protean II)


Multi-Gel Casting Chamber (GE Healthcare, Ettan DALTsix Gel Caster)

Holds up to 6 1.0-mm or 1.5-mm cassettes with separator sheets for casting homogeneous or gradient gels


Mass Spectrometer

LC-MS (Dionex Ultimate 3000 nano-UHPLC, Q Exactive, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.)

Q Exactive MS


2-D gel image processing software:

ImageMaster 2-D, v. 7.0 (GE Healthcare)

DeCyder 2-D differential Analysis v. 5.0 (GE Healthcare)


MS database search software:

Proteome Discoverer v. 2.1 and 2.2 (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Mascot v. 2.5 (Matrix Science)

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