Ho, Tuan-hua (賀端華)

Distinguished Visiting Chair

  • Ph.D. Biochemistry, Michigan State University, USA
  • +886-2-2787-1079(Lab)
  • +886-2-2787-1188(Office)
  • tho@sinica.edu.tw
  • Hormone and stress signaling; function of stress proteins; lignocellulose degrading enzymes

This research group is interested in addressing two fundamentally important questions in biology: 1] how does an organism make decisions? and 2] how does an organism respond to its environment? In addition, the Ho lab is also interested in developing microbial enzymes useful in the cellulosic biofuel production


Hormonal antagonism in the regulation of seed dormancy/germination:
The interaction between two phytohormones, the promotive gibberellins [GA] and the inhibitory abscisic acid [ABA], is central to the developmental transition from seed dormancy to germination. The research program has been focused on the signaling process mediated by GA and ABA, as well as the crosstalk between these two hormones.


Function of stress proteins:
Due to their lack of mobility to avoid stressful conditions, plants tend to drastically alter their gene expression profile in response to environmental perturbations. However, the function of many stress-induced proteins remains unexplored. We are currently investigating a late embryogenesis abundant (LEA) protein,HVA1, a programmed cell death repressor, HVA22, and a highly proline-rich glycoprotein, RePRP. HVA1 and RePRP are likely to be intrinsically disordered proteins and their function is dependent on other proteins they interact with. We are also interested in the role of these proteins in the re-programing of root development under stress.


Microbial enzymes for cellulosic biofuel production:
Another effort in the lab is related to the discovery,improvement, and application of microbial cellulolytic enzymes, i.e., endo-glucanase and exo-glucanases,β-glucosidase, and laccase for biofuel production from recalcitrant agricultural wastes, such as rice straws and sugarcane bagasse. We have isolated and cloned highly active and stable enzymes from Taiwan indigenous microorganisms and insects. The protein structure/function relationship of these enzymes is currently being investigated and the information used as the foundation for improvements.

All publication list

Selected publication list

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  • Lin CR, Lee KW, Chen CY, Hong YF, Chen JL, Lu CA, Chen KT, Ho THD, and Yu SM* (2014) SnRK1A-interacting negative regulators modulate the nutrient starvation signaling sensor SnRK1 in source-sink communication in cereal seedlings under abiotic stress. Plant Cell 26(2):808-827.
  • Yoneda A, Kuo HWD, Ishihara M, Azadi P, Yu SM, and Ho THD* (2014) Glycosylation variants of a β-glucosidase secreted by a Taiwanese fungus, Chaetomella raphigera, exhibit variant-specific catalytic and biochemical properties. PLOS ONE 9(9):e106306 doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0106306.
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博士後研究 Postdoctoral Fellow
黃冠穎 Kuan-Ying Huang
林婉琦 Wan-Chi Lin
蕭雪倫 An-Shan Sharon Hsiao
曾怡潔 I-Chieh Tseng

研究助理 Research Assistant
李振維 Chen-Wei Li
王清嵐 Ching-Lan Wang
李揚 Yang Lee

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吳玫慧 Mei-Huey Wu
吳孟璇 Meng-Hsuan Wu
高睦融 Mu-Rong Kao