The Affymetrix Gene Expression Service Lab

Research Assistant:

  • Han-Ni Lee

Affymetrix Gene Expression Service Lab ( ) , AGESL was established by IPMB, IMB and ABRC, Academia Sinica in 2004 and has been a component in the Scientific Instrument Center since 2005. An ad hoc user committee oversees the operation of this service laboratory. Affymetrix system is a stable and  well-developed microarray platform for genome-wide profilings of nucleic acids. This system includes an automated experimental platform with standard operating procedure, which significantly minimizes human errors for high quality gene expression analyses. This core lab provide efficient and high quality service of transcriptome analyses to researchers, minimizing the time spent on the experimental optimization and personnel training to accelerate genomics research. Current service items include RNA quality assessment, sample labeling, GeneChip hybridization, wash /stain , image acquisition and transformation of raw data. Since established, the core lab has provide several thousands of transcriptomic services to the scientific community and biotech industry in Taiwan, covering more than 11 model organisms. To meet the increasingly diverse needs of the biological researchers, we routinely develop new standard operation procedures for GeneChip items compatible with Affymetrix system and made new service items available to all users.

Core equipments:

  • GeneChip hybridization oven 640
  • Affymetrix GeneChip fluidics station 450
  • Affymetrix GeneChip scanner 3000 7G
  • Affymetrix GCOS version 1.4