Proteomics Core Laboratory
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The Proteomics Core Lab (Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology, and Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center) provides routine analytical services using LC-MS/MS based methods for protein identification and PTM analyses. The core lab also provides equipments and software for protein 2D PAGE and image analysis.  The Core Lab intends to establish and improve techniques for advanced proteomics studies and to provide a resource for training and consultation in modern proteomic techniques.

  nanoUHPLC-Q Exactive MS
News & Updates:

2015/12/18 - Users' Meeting: Introduction, MS data analysis software (Proteome Discoverer v 2.0) for Protein ID search, and quantitative proteome analysis.

Committee Members
Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center

Ho, Tuan-hua (Chair)

Charng, Yee-Yung

Verslues, Paul Edwin

Chen, Yet-Ran

Lai, Erh-Min


Lo, Wan-Sheng


Matzke, Antonius

Laboratory Members

Wen, Tuan-Nan


Chen, Chin-Wen

Yen, Hsiao-Jung

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